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You’ve reached a low point on your hero’s journey to become the World’s Greatest [Creative Director/Chief Marketing Officer/Resource Manager/Fortune 500 CEO/Small Businessperson of the Year].


You find yourself standing at the corner of [Missing Deadlines/ Losing Pitches] and
[Stale Ideas/Year-End Budget Surplus].


Fear not. You are this close to being saved from sameness by Tom and Eric, two Glorious Sons of Bitches who are masters of their craft. One eats stress and shits sonnets. The other is good at the art stuff. 


For roughly 15 years, Tom and Eric have worked as creative partners and leaders in the development of advertising worthy of attention and awards. Having hired freelance creative teams themselves, they know what you’re looking for and expect—high quality work done quickly.


Tom and Eric always deliver. Sometimes, they under promise and over-deliver. Deal with it.


B2B, B2C, and even healthcare, Tom and Eric are standing by to take your call. No project is too big or too small. Every creative challenge is opportunity to Go Glorious.

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